Trends in Thoroughbred Racing Industry

June 16, 2018

Thoroughbred racing is the most standardized industry in the world. Horse Races in UK, France, Japan, Australia and Hongkong follow same pattern, which has facilitated movement of race horses considerably. Exports of stallions are considerably visible in Australia, New Zealand from Europe and USA. Race horses are competing in different countries. You find many South African and South American Race Horses regularly competing in Dubai. In the last two months an Irish Bred Horse tried to win Kentucky Derby and Japanese bred horse tried to win Epsom Derby in UK. Both the race horses did not win, but it will happen in near future for sure. Japanese horses are competing all over world.

Indian Racing and Breeding industry is going through many changes, First Demonetisation and then GST. The so called disruptive policies of government has made considerable impact on the industry. But in my opinion, this is an opportunity for Indian Breeders to export horses. Indian Race Horses have the capability to compete in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. This is evident the way track records are being broken all over India.

Unfortunately, due to cash industry such attempts were not made by breeders. But this is the right time for export of Indian Race Horses. GST has already brought common tax on all India basis and this should increase the betting turnover considerably, once the 28% GST Tax liability of Clubs Commission is settled. Betting is the prime mover for the industry and Indian Breeders should explore opportunities for Export of Race Horses.

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