Trends in Thoroughbred Racing Industry
June 7, 2018

This Race is being held in Bangalore on June 17, 2018. It’s a very important race in India, particularly with respect to Classic races. Winners of this race have been winning the major races later in their career. Manifold winner in 2017 went on to win Bangalore Derby and Indian Oaks in Mumbai. In my opinion, this is a very important race w.r.t Destiny of Horse, Trainers, Owners and particularly Indian Derby.
Jacqueline, a winner (2009) of this race went on to win Indian Derby. All the credit should be given to the Trainer for its success. My Foresight was realized by connections giving me the confidence in my Pedigree Research Analysis.
Siachen (2009) and Set Alight (2008), who were winners of this race could have won the Indian Derby as well. But unfortunately, In Siachen’s case, after she lost in Indian Oaks, she was not run in Indian Derby. Similarly, based on my Pedigree Research Analysis, I believe not running Set Alight in the Indian Oaks was a mistake on part of the connections. Both these horses were forecasted and analyzed by me well in advance.
In terms of making money on the races, this is an important race. Even the horses nominated in this race should be tracked properly and if the career is planned accurately, horses can have successful careers. In my opinion, the horses that are nominated in this race should be considered for exporting for racing purposes Abroad. From a betting point of view, horses raced in this can be considered as good long-term investments. Keeping track of these horses can give you Long-shot winners in big races in future.
I have shortlisted 4 horses (2018 Edition).
1) Catalonia My First Choice
2) Punjabi Girl
3) Natalma
4) Different League.

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