The Investment

  • Minimum Rs 3 to 4 lakhs approx. depending upon pedigree.
  • Part ownership of horses from 5 % to 10 % depending on the investments and the pedigree of horse.
  • Part maintenance cost to be borne by the investor depending upon turf club. Minimum 2 years’ lock in period.Earning for the investors will be by winning races on major racing turf clubs in india now and also in abroad in the near future.
  • Horses will be entered in races where Stakes money will range from Rs 1 Lakh to 2 Crores depending on pedigree. Win or by place stakes will be earned for investors.

Return on Investment: Fun + Earn + Status + Networking

  • Returns on an average 20 % plus can be expected and may go up to 40 % also per anum on total investments. (Ownership + Maintenance)Privileged badge of ownership for entering member’s enclosure.
  • 4 complimentary passes for big race days for family and friends.
  • Ownership approval of any of the turf clubs in India is mandatory for investing in race horse ownership.
  • Consultancy will be provided for documentation; ownership forms submission and approval will be obtained for investors. Investor can opt for breeding activities with Pedigreestar after racing is over.
  • The horse racing industry in India has for long been the privilege of a select wealthy few, due to the taboo attached over successive generations.
  • Many misunderstandings and myths about horse racing have kept most middle income households away from this highly regulated, legally controlled industry that is capable of delivering consistent returns much higher than most bank deposits.

Pedigreestar offers the Indian middle class a legitimate opportunity to enjoy the following benefits that horse racing industry offers:


Watch live horse races with family from the VIP enclosure


Consistent returns on investment in excess of 20% per annum


Opportunity to network with the Who’s Who of Indian economy


Elevated status in society as part owner of a winning race horse