Naming of Horses For Increasing Success – Impact of Horse Name on Success Rate

Pedigreestar has evolved a system of naming horses based on astrological charts of the foal, in addition to the detailed scientific study of the geneology of the foal, to enhance its probability of becoming a consistent winner.

The study involves going back upto 90 years of tracing the past generations of the foal to ascertain its PEDIGREE. Once its pedigree is established, a proper name is selected using astrology and numerology to select a proper name for the foal.

It has been statistically validated that in addition to establishing the pedigree of the horse, choice of the right name can make a difference of THAT fraction of a second that matters to put the horse from being a race winner to the second place. THAT small fraction of a second makes a substantial financial difference to he owner of the horse.

Of the total 100 odd horses across India named using astrology and numerology:

  • 4 have won graded races
  • 65% of these horses have earned 22% more than other horses
  • Some of the horses named as such have won at fantastic odds (eg. Oceanic Wind won at odds of as high as Rs.1170 against an investment of Rs. 10.)

Such is the power of naming a horse based on astrological and numerological analysis in addition to a thorough pedigree research, towards maximizing the potential of the horse.
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