Consistent Performance:

Pedigreestar expert Mr. Ravindra Gowande has predicted very early on, based on pedigree analysis, many graded winners like Sprint Star, Bold Police, Swiss Don, Mapple Star, etc.
Many horses named by Pedigreestar and identified based on pedigree analysis by Mr. Ravindra Gowande have been very consistently successful and won races all over India.

Pedigreestar is a unique, research-based system. The success of this system is apparent from the following success stories:

Success Story: SPRINT STAR

Pedigreestar had predicted 1 year in advance, after a thorough analysis of over 1500 horses, that SPRINT STAR will win the graded race.

Success Story: MAPPLE STAR

Mapple Star, winner of Oaks Grade 1 race in Mumbai was the first graded winner in India, of sire “Mull of Kintyre”, which was also the producer of the first filly of Pedigreestar produced out of the mare “Gods Will”.

Success Story: SET ALIGHT

Set Alight was the hot favorite of many for winning the Indian Derby and many could not believe it when Pedigreestar predicted well in advance that Set Alight will not win the Indian derby. As predicted by Pedigreestar, Set Alight did not win the Indian derby.

Success Story: BOLD POLICE

Bold Police was a horse racing at the Mysore race course. Based on Pedigreestar system, Mr. Ravindra Gowande had suggested many trainers to buy and race the horse. However, they considered it as an inferior horse and refused to buy it.

Mr. Pratap Kamat, a trainer at Mysore took the advice and trained the horse. The name Bold Police was given based on Pedigreestar system as sire was BOLD RUSSIAN and the mare was TRAFFIC POLICE. The name BOLD POLICE derived from these too names was also matching with the numerological analysis and astrological chart of the foal’s birth date.
BOLD POLICE went on to win a Grade 3 race in Bengaluru at 60:1 odds, giving a total payout of Rs. 1301 for an investment of Rs. 10.
Total stakes earned by BOLD POLICE till date is Rs. 58.82 lakhs.

Success Story: SPRINT STAR

Sprint Star won the “Colts Trial Stakes” a Grade 1 race in Bengaluru in June 2009 at 40:1 odds, beating ABOLINE, the betting favorite at 80:100 odds in the betting ring. The payout was Rs. 835 for Rs. 10 invested.

The win stunned many due to the upset of the general favorite, to the extent that many experts even termed the win as LUCKY. The horse was purchased at less than Rs. 12 lakhs and the pedigree research was not conducted very well. After thorough analysis, Mr. Ravindra Gowande had informed the trainer Mr. Satish Narredu almost a year in advance that SPRINT STAR had the potential to won a graded race. Mr. Satish Narredu took the chance.

Sprint Star went on to win races consistently with a career record of 12 WINS and 14 PLACES from a total of 42 races, earning Rs. 1.34 crores in stakes money over its career.